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Cob Oven (Portland, OR)

Cob Oven Portland

Load-bearing strawbale shed (Port. OR)

straw bale house

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EarthenHand Services

A preliminary consultation is the best way to determine how we can assist you with your project. Let's have a conversation about your plans, budget, and approach to see how I can help you. Please e-mail us to set up a time. We welcome proposals that call for innovative building methods. Let's create things that push the envelope of what is possible.

  • Cob Building & Sculpture
  • Rammed Earth
  • Living Roofs
  • Timber Framing
  • Adobe Brick Construction
  • Earth Plasters and Floors
  • Ovens & Fireplaces
  • Rocket Stoves & Heaters
  • Mosaics and Stone Work
  • Domes and Vaults
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Benches & Walls

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Workshops - local and international

A growing number of people are interested in ecological building, earthen building, and permaculture techniques. Earthen Hand seeks to empower people with informative and hands-on instruction in a variety of natural building techniques. We promote a self-reliant, ecological lifestyles. Hundreds of students have gained valuable know-how at one or our workshops.


Two-story Cob House

Building - small or large projects

Each natural building project we complete is a significant contributor to a larger movement. Whether large or small, your project will be part of an ever increasing eco-awareness. Bigger projects can help set precedence for innovation in architecture. Content, texture, form and color are created to your specifications. You can use earth materials inside or outside, in new construction or adapted to existing structures. Consider a beautiful sculptural accent for your home. Refer to the Portfolio page.


Cob House Rendering

Design - hand drawn plans and renderings

A set of plans is a lot less expensive to change than a house. A great set of plans helps you think about your design a lot before breaking ground. We can provide professional quality plans and/or renderings in graphite or color. We can help you decide how to go about making your dream a reality.


Consulting & Owner-builder coaching

Piles of Clay, Sand, and Gravel

Most people who want to do their own natural building can use a few hours of instruction and advice. Many projects that use natural materials can be completed in a large part by people with minimal training, but you'll need an expert guide for the rest. Get your project done right with proper guidance.

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